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Celebrating 10 Years
Celebrating 10 Years

Identity Design

Reinvent Yourself

Your logo speaks volumes about you to potential customers. A well-executed logo that degrades gracefully into component parts can convey professionalism and trustworthiness regardless of whether it's reproduced in its entirity in full color or its reduced down to a monochrome logotype on an invoice. A poorly-executed or dated logo can give your customer-base the impression that your company is either outdated or overmatched.

Kavalleri has helped dozens of companies over the years reinvent themselves by redesigning their logo and identity package. Our designers will work with you to understand your message and help create a logo and identity package that communicates that message to your clients with just a glance giving you a set of tools to create impressive, easy to modify print materials that always start you off one step ahead of your competition.

Web Development

Love Your Site

With more Americans than ever relying on the internet as their primary research tool when it comes to selecting products and vendors, creating an attractive, functional website that can be easily updated by your existing staff is more important than ever. Kavalleri has created a wide variety of sites over our ten years using a myraid of different content management and customer management solutions to help our clients keep their web presence fresh and engaging.

We currently deploy sites based on either WordPress and its exceptionally easy to use content management system or Expression Engine's more robust, deeply adaptable content management platform. The sites we produce can be modified quickly and easily on the go to allow you to keep your customers engaged with you and your offerings.

Web Applications

Go Paperless

With the economy in a transitional state efficency has become more important than ever. Companies must be flexible enough to adapt to a changing market without the need to add or retrain staff. Kavalleri creates custom web applications based on the poweful and adaptable ASP .NET framework, the robust MS SQL Server relational database platform and our own Effekt Engine that can partially or completely automate your customer management, record management and sales processes depending on your needs.

Our Effekt deployments can be scaled into phases to grow with your business and help you add components as you need them to ensure the highest rate of return on investment without the need to purchase features or systems you do not need.

Effekt has been successfully deployed on multiple continents helping run fulfillment centers, call centers, medical practices and many other unique business applications.

Responsive Web Design

Go Mobile

With over one third of Americans owning smart phones and nearly one fifth of all Americans owning tablets Americans now access the internet in more ways than ever before. Having a web presence is useless if your site cannot adapt gracefully to whatever device is accessing it. Kavalleri specializes in high-end HTML5/CSS3 adaptive designs that scale down from the largest monitor down to the smallest smart phone.

Try resizing this window down and watch how the site reacts, or view it on your smart phone or tablet. The adaptability you see is not the result of complicated template changes, javascript or other difficult to maintain processes, it's acheived with simple, elegant CSS that ensures as your site grows it will continue to scale down onto whatever device your customer may be holding presenting them with an attractive, functional user experience across multiple platforms.

We're not afraid to build any project from the ground floor (because we've done it before), but we always employ existing solutions when appropriate to reduce acquisition and ownership costs.
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